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BABOOTEA|Brand culture

Discover the flavor of Babootea, with surprising aromas.

You’re gonna enjoy yourself !

History of the brand

Babootea is a Taiwanese bubble tea company founded in France. Founder was born in the most beautiful countryside of Taiwan, in a family of tea growers for generations.

She grew up drinking the bubble tea prepared by her grandmother, a recipe made from the tea leaves freshly picked by her grandfather. For her, the taste of home is the smell of milk tea.

Out of love for her culture and nostalgia for her hometown, the founder had the idea to create her own bubble tea brand in France. She hopes to bring a good tea grown by her family, so that she can not only drink a sip of bubble tea that will remind her of her hometown, but also transmit this happiness to everyone.

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After her decision was made, she returned to her hometown of Taiwan, sharing the idea with her family. She began visiting neighbours and local residents, and visited countless traditional bubble tea shops.

Her family supported her a lot, picking for her the best tea leaves and helping her choose the best local ingredients for the preparation of her bubble tea, using the old

method to make the bubble tea. She finally managed to create a bubble tea that reminds her of childhood memories.


The spirit of tea was finally brought to France, and the "Babootea" was officially created.

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BABOOTEA|Heart of the brand

The promises of Babootea

It is essential for us to use authentic ingredients to follow the traditional process and to obtain the simplest mixture with as few additives as possible to regain the original taste of a traditional Taiwanese bubble tea.

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BABOOTEA||Brand Vision

Transforming the bubble tea into an everyday necessity, not luxury.

It should be part of our daily life, which is why we want everyone to be able to afford to drink bubble tea.

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BABOOTEA|Brand philosophy

As the founder of the brand said, “As a child growing up in a family of tea planters, bubble tea means a lot to me, it is the source of my happiness. What I want to do is very simple, I just want to bring this happiness around me, and if possible, share it with everyone.

That is all. I have worked in the traditional culture sector in Paris for many years and I always insist on the fact that the original and traditional culture is the best. To bring the most authentic milk tea from her hometown to Paris, it is not necessary to be complicated, a simple 8-step process is enough.”

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