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BABOOTEA|Brand Values

Discover the flavor of Babootea, with surprising aromas.

You’re gonna enjoy yourself !

Quality comes first

We offer four types of products: milk tea, smoothie, fruit tea and juice. We avoided the complexity of the categories, in order to obtain the best quality in each category.

Internationalization Services

The brand will be present in major countries. Employees will have professional and formal training. Staff selection will be strict with multilingual service required.

Reasonable prices

We are committed to spreading happiness and making the Babootea accessible to all. That’s why the prices are so affordable.

Authentic ingredients

All tea leaves are freshly picked in our tea fields. The raw materials come from Taiwan and are carefully selected.

Bubble tea artisanal

To guarantee the taste of bubble tea, no mechanical treatment is used. All bubble teas are handmade.

Secret recipe

Our bubble tea is prepared according to the tradition of the local Taiwanese people with an ancestral recipe.

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